Getting more balanced with Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture can be great for stress!

It is easy to see that intense and/or prolonged emotional experiences could adversely affect our health so, how would life feel with an added sense of calm, peacefulness and focus?


It is has been beautiful to see some of the changes that have blossomed in my clients.  Stress has been just one aspect. Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture aims to restore and enhance health on many levels. It is one of the Acupuncture styles that I practice, since completing a three and a half year Acupuncture degree in 2007.

In Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture theory, we are all seen as relating to one of five Elements or personality types.  Each Element resonates with one of the five emotions and therefore we have a special relationship with that emotion.   This means that throughout life, when the going gets tough, such as with severe, prolonged stress, it can be that emotion which is most affected.  The five emotions, Anger, Joy, Worry/Over-thinking, Grief and Fear, can feel core to our lives.  When we are feeling out of balance, we might struggle to feel an emotion or share it appropriately with others. Alternatively, we could feel overwhelmed by it.

When we are operating from a more balanced space, we are better able to deal with the stress around us. Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture works to specifically support the Element/personality type within each individual. The aim is that rather than Anger (or a lack of Anger or ability to assert oneself) there is instead reason and more appropriate assertiveness.   Rather than inability to feel and share Joy, it can instead be more appropriate given and received.  Grief, Fear and Worry/Over-thinking can each come more into balance and feel more comfortable.

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