Feeling the cold?


Q. I feel chilly at the best of times but now the weather is turning I am feeling it more and the weather is only going to get worse. Any ideas please?

A. This is something that Traditional Acupuncturists or Tui Na (Chinese Theraputic Massage) Practitioners) hear alot. Too make matters worse, sometimes their partner could well be feeling the opposite. So while one person wants that heating always up, the other wants it down Today, let’s look at your issue of cold.

Traditional Acupuncture would be looking here in terms of your Qi and Yang energy. One of the functions of Qi is providing warmth. If the Qi is depleted, it struggles to do so. The state of your Yang in here is very relevant. The Yang is your dynamic and heating side, in contrast to your Yin, your placid and cooling side. If the Yang is deficient then chilliness can occur. Their can also be an excess of Yin. But where is it happening in you?

Your Kidneys (when considering Organs from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective) are the primary source of both your Yin and Yang. A practitioner’s assessment would certainly include assessing the state of your Kidney Yang, as well as the Yang of other Organs. This would be assessed for example, by touch, questioning of symptoms, observation of signs and looking at your tongue and feeling your pulses. The next question is why is this happening?

The Traditional Acupuncturist would assess your symptoms, lifestyle, diet and your health from a Chinese Medicine perspective which, along with the information already gathered, is used to consider the underlying cause. Yang and Qi can be troubled for numerous reasons, depending on the Organ affected. Next would be what to so about it.

The Practitioner’s focus will be on dealing with contributory factors, such as addressing dietary and digestive issues, work with emotional causes and looking at what you can do to help. The treatments would then most likely include focus on tonifying and warming Qi and/or Yang.   This can include needle techniques, massage techniques and warming techniques such as moxabustion (a traditional heating treatment).

For peace of mind, please use properly qualified practitioners, who are members of a professional body, for example, the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).