I’m fine now – should I continue treatments?


Q. I have just completed a course of acupuncture which has had the required outcome. Do you think there is any benefit to continuing treatments?

Many clients choose to have treatment on a regular basis, whether it be two weekly, monthly or even with the change in the seasons. Some have complaints that may require regular attention but for many it is simply because they enjoy how treatment makes themfeel. Others again didn’t even start treatments with a specific reason other than general well-being.

Regular treatments are like a pit stop to discuss on going or new issues. Should a new complaint arise or if there is the exacerbation of a previous complaint, treatments could, if necessary, be brought closer together to then spread out again at a later date. There is always flexibility.

When I have my own regular treatments, I like to try to arrive with nothing wrong. I can then give my practitioner free scope, without the focus of an injury, to do what he feels will best enhance me. I like the idea of going in feeling good, with the prospect of feeling even better. I view regular treatments as an opportunity for self development and using treatments along side the rest of ones wellness program, such as exercise, meditation and healthy eating.

Regular treatments are a time to take stock to see how you having been doing and decide what changes, if any, you wish to make to going forward. Within these sessions, clients may be moving further down their list of priorities. They have changed from needing help with issues that are immediate and debilitating, to ones that are more annoyances but which, nevertheless, impact on their quality of life. So treatments may have started with an acute bad shoulder but are now focused on more chronic issues such as digestion or sleep or confidence etc. or simply time to relax and enjoy it.

Traditional Acupuncture and Tui Na, as parts of Chinese Medicine, view you holistically. Your mind, body and spirit are all part of you and their well-being affects or enhances your quality of life.

For peace of mind, please use properly qualified practitioners, who are members of a professional body, such as, the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).