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Testimonial Statement

These testimonials are not to be taken as a body of research. They are instead the kindly shared experiences of some of the many clients Mark has seen. For links to research on the efficacy or application of Acupuncture, please go to our page Known issues. Thank you.

“Just before Christmas of 2019, I had what could be loosely described as burn out from work which was exacerbated with menopausal problems.

This had an astoundingly negative impact on me, both physically and emotionally. I was described by a GP as having a type of PTSD, and was unable to relax as I was completely tense and clenched throughout my sleep. I had absolutely no emotional resilience left, no sense of humour, no energy, my memory was poor, hot flushes rampant, constantly weeping, in fact the list seemed endless and all of it negative.

Traditional medicine wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped, and I felt the need to look elsewhere for alternative treatment. By the time I found Mark I felt I really needed to improve my situation.

Several treatments in, I have recovered the old me. I feel calm, balanced, physically relaxed, clear headed and in charge again. My coping mechanism has been fully restored and I am not constantly flooded with adrenaline.

I am so pleased I chose Mark. He is a true holistic practitioner, and can provide remote treatment too,with advice on acupressure points. After every treatment I feel better and better, as if I shed all negativity, gain serenity and become more grounded.

Mark provides an exceptional service. He has a wonderfully calm, soothing manner, is discreet and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He is also very easy to talk to. He is very client – centred, from the temperature of his rooms to the ambient music and small touches that show real care for the welfare of his clients. He has also been exemplary in his considerations and practice during this current Covid situation.”

Thank you again.


“While assisting you with your health and well-being, this is what I would like you to be experiencing. Thank you Mike for this great testimonial:

“Mark is a highly professional practitioner. He has a calm and caring manner with a good sense of humour, all of which helps to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

He listens to what you say and suggests a treatment to suit your individual needs. Mark makes your visit an enjoyable experience.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mark. Mark offers a free half an hour consultation so why not pay him a visit. You’ll be glad you did.”

Mike W. November 2019

“I came to see Mark after a recommendation that he could potentially help my M.E/CFS and anxiety. I went in very sceptical – but had reached a point where all the basic treatment just wasnt enough and this seemed something different whilst affordable.

My anxiety affects me every day but I’m very much a get on and deal with it and plough on through mindset. In turn this was also affecting my CFS. Luckily I am able to work with my symptoms but more recently, and with the anxiety every day was slowly becoming more and more of a battle. I know there’s no full cure for either but was desperate for something to help me. Medication, rest, counselling, no medication and self care nothing was working.

I left the first session waiting for something obvious to happen. A few days passed and I saw Mark again. He asked me “How have you been” I thought about it as I hadn’t taken another moment to think and suddenly I realised I had achieved more in a day, a few days on the trot, than I had in a long time. More alert and although anxiety was there it wasn’t as intense. As treatment went on these improvements enchanted further and I can’t believe it took me so long to consider Acupuncture!

I am impressed with the benefits, I started with frequent visits and have now reached a point where I feel I can “top-up” with an appointment when required.

In such a calm and relaxing environment- Mark instantly puts you at ease – like meeting an old friend! He gives a real tailored experience with genuine care and concern in assisting your needs.

Not sure if acupuncture is for you? Neither was I… but I’m very glad I took advantage of his free consultation!

C.B November 2019

“Mark help my wife, who suffers with pain in various parts of her body, to feel so much better. Also help with her migraines so much more than any prescription medications. Can not recommend Mark as much as he deserves. Thank you so much.”

Steve, October 2019

“I Highly recommended Mark Shepherd, having been to Mark for different things over the years. He is an above and beyond practitioner, and with abilities beyond what you may see or think. The wizard of acupuncture & well-being. Fantastic and best I have seen in my 25yrs of loving this type of service!

Well worth a visit – trust me!” 😊

Virginia, October 2019

From difficulty walking to improved comfort and increasing mobility! Thank you Mr Salmon for this great testimonial.

“Having suffered a thrombosis in my leg,and an extended period of inactivity as a result,I was unable to walk more than a few yards even with the support of a walking stick.

After 3 sessions with Mark,the numbness in my leg has gone completely,and the pain in my feet much improved,increasing my mobility.

I tried acupuncture really as a “last resort “,and was more than a little sceptical.
The results have been amazing! I don’t know how,or why it works…..but work it truly does!

Thank you, Mark.

G.Salmon. Chichester October 2019”

“I went to Mark as I wanted help with conceiving/fertility. I’m over 40 and was diagnosed with ‘onset of PCOS’ about 20 years ago. I had no idea if I could get pregnant but I had read about the benefits of acupuncture and thought why not give it a go! Well within a month of seeing Mark we were pregnant, conceived naturally. I don’t know if it was the acupuncture but I’d like to think it was. Mark is now working with me through my pregnancy. So far we have dealt with a cold, hormones, mood swings (my partner is relieved) and morning sickness. And just lately, my anxiety. For whatever reason it’s come back again. The results for this have been amazing, especially with my anxiety. He gave me some tips of how to handle it when I’m on my own and they actually work!

At the initial assessment Mark was very thorough and he listened. At each appointment he’s attentive and very reassuring, explaining everything he is about to do and makes sure you’re happy before he leaves you to ‘cook’. I look forward to my appointments with Mark. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience and I’m glad I gave it a go! I feel more relaxed and I’m sure ‘The Bump’ is getting the benefits too. I can’t recommend Mark enough.”

Amy October 2019

“I was suffering with bad neck stiffness when I came to Mark for Acupuncture. Being a mother of 2 young boys this issue was making it difficult to do normal daily tasks; push the stroller, stand up quickly, do a training class or pick up my youngest son without feeling discomfort. After my first treatment the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back released giving me instant relief.

I had 2 more treatments soon afterwards. During these I started to feel ‘the lost’ sensation in my lower stomach, something I had not felt for 4 years! since having my second Caesarean section. This was very unexpected! and it is truly Amazing!

Thank you Mark. It’s been a very pleasant experience, a cozy welcoming environment with professionalism and great knowledge, someone whom is passionate about what they do – assisting others. I will be continuing in my Acupuncture journey.

Samantha Lewington 30 September 2019

“I first went to Mark because I was experiencing back spasms. As these eased (almost instantly) I felt I wanted to share with Mark my headaches and feeling of thick headedness I associated with being overly tense and risk aware.

The days following my treatment I feel mentally sharp and agile as if I have woken from a deep and replenishing sleep.

The benefits I derive from my weekly session with Mark are shared by my family too.

The realisation that I work very hard both for my employer and my family and therefore deserve an hour a week of “me time” means I am ready to fully relax and get the best from the treatment.

I very much look forward to my appointment. I deserve the best from Mark and my family deserve the best from me.

Brendon Hogan 30/09/2019

“I came to see Mark because I was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I had read about you in the Chichester Observer.

Suddenly my energy returned – I felt so much lighter – I smiled naturally rather than a forced one. Also, I was in physical pain, which disappeared almost immediately.

My overall experience is trust and kindness and understanding. I always feel a different person after treatment – I look better too!”

Anon, September 2018

“Having suffered with headaches for as long as I could remember I sought out alternative therapy to see if I could do anything to stop this pain that was now happening perhaps twice a week.

This was affecting my daily life by me struggling through my day in the office, to go straight home to bed, missing out on lots of things in life, mainly events happening in the evening and not being able to spend time with my children.  Going away on holiday would usually result in me feeling poorly whilst travelling, and losing one or two days from my holiday.  I would go away for weekends and often have to travel home early due to the headache.

Mark was recommended to me by a friend and I did not know what to expect really but was desperate to try something different as tablets just didn’t work anymore.

I was very surprised to feel the pain “move” on my very first session with Mark.  The pain lessened  greatly and the pain and frequency lessened straight away.   I didn’t expect any treatment to work virtually instantly and hoped to have a six month or so gradual improvement.  However after fortnightly sessions the headaches lessened and it is now every now and then.  Each day now I wake up looking forward to the day instead of wondering if that day I would have a headache.

I would highly recommend Mark as I have found him to be extremely understanding, sympathetic and sets you at ease and has made a huge difference to me.”

Paula, May 2018

“Following the removal of my gall bladder I was having lots of problems with my digestion. The treatment I received from Mark has had a huge impact of the quality of my day to day life. Brilliant!”

May 2018

“High level of listening skills facilitated clear understanding of specific issues/needs. Very precise, targeted action to address the pain I was experiencing.”

May 2018

“I came to see Mark for quite a complex group of reasons on this most recent occasion ( having had several series of treatments before)

* the emotional effects of recent bereavement ( loss of a young grandchild)
* the residual exhaustion and other symptoms from a lengthy bout of flu
* pain and stiffness in my left knee, following arthroscopy surgery
* general pain in lower back and hips ( through inactivity and arthritis)

How that was affecting me…

I felt very low emotionally and spiritually after the death of our granddaughter a month earlier. Was receiving counselling by then, but still very affected in my sense of well being, emotionally unstable, confidence and overwhelming grief. I felt bleak and helpless.
Flu had left me with terrible exhaustion and a persistent cough, which robbed me of any energy or drive to do things.
The pain was making it hard to walk far, get exercise and be active, which was depressing.

I had 6 sessions. The benefits were – immediately a sense of peace and wellness, from taking control and doing something about all this.
A sense that I was doing what my counsellor said I should – taking care of ME. Listening to my body and doing what it needed. I felt more in tune with what was going on and aware of why I was feeling what I was, rather than just letting it all wash over me and overwhelm me.
I felt more positive emotionally, although the emotions were still strong and grief stricken, I could welcome that and allow the process of grieving to happen without pushing it away. I felt stronger to cope with it, and had more focus to process it. Felt like things were flowing better, and while still painful emotionally, I felt like I wasn’t as overwhelmed but was working with my emotions and allowing them to flow through me.
Energy began to return quite noticeably after the first treatment. Gradually I could do more and more and I was sleeping so much better.
The residual cough also began to recede quite noticeably, starting with the coughing at night, which stopped after the first treatment. I could take deeper breaths and not cough.
My knee was much less troublesome after the first 2 sessions. The remains of the swelling behind the knee dispersed and the joint had more flexibility. Gradually it became less and less painful and I could reduce painkillers dramatically. Now it is stronger, I can bend it more and put weight on it without discomfort.
My level of arthritic pain in back and hips is reduced and I am able to attempt short walks and am more active. I feel the joints are better lubricated and I can “ get going” in the mornings much better.

How I feel about all this?
Grateful! More positive, more in tune, working with my body more effectively and much much more in control and my sense of well being has returned. Less pain, much more energy, more like myself. No flu symptoms at all. Able to cope with the grieving process better and go with it.

My overall experience?
As on previous occasions, overwhelmingly positive. Mark is so intuitive, kind, sensitive and reassuring, listening so carefully and attentively.
The treatment always works well for me and seems to work on many levels. I find the time “ cooking” very beneficial for quiet meditation, peaceful resting and a time to re- focus and get in tune with your body.
The consulting rooms are safe and relaxing spaces. Mark is gentle and respectful, and has great skills in making one feel valued and able to relax.
The treatments ( and this was a complex mix of issues and problems I was addressing) were always appropriate and effective.
I was very happy and felt everything had improved, progressed, strengthened or been completely treated by the end.”

Sue – February 2018

“I had suffered with painful sinuses for a while and prescriptions from the doctor weren’t helping. I decided to try acupuncture and after a quick google search I found Mark’s details.

We initially discussed my issues over the phone and arranged an appointment. At all stages Mark was reassuring and made me feel totally at ease.

The benefits were felt after the first treatment and continued to improve with each treatment. The pain in sinuses subsided and we looked at my other issues, including sleep and stress.

Mark was professional and gave me peace of mind all along. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.”

Charles’ – November 2017

“I was recommended by a family member to see Mark as I had unbearable IBS and eczema. Since 2011 I had suffered from stomach problems. After years of being told to go on various restrictive diets by doctors I decided to look at other options. I had days where I had to miss work and where I had to miss going out with friends because my stomach was keeping me captive, I was constantly feeling anxious when I was out as I didn’t know when it would flare up next.

After my first session I went from feeling initially cautious to completely relaxed, I nearly fell asleep when I was left to ‘cook’.

Every time I went in subsequently we would go through how my symptoms had been. To my surprise my stomach felt so much calmer after a couple of sessions. I haven’t had diarrhoea for about two months now, for me that is amazing as I’d have it once a week at least usually.

I’ve been able to eat food that I’ve avoided for years because it triggered me, which now has no effect on me. Freedom! I can eat out with friends without rushing home to be ill. My eczema has gone too, perhaps it is linked to the balance of my stomach.

I don’t know how or why it works but I know that I feel brilliant and my stomach feels the best it has in years. Mark made me feel relaxed and listened to, I always looked forward to my acupuncture.

He made me feel like my symptoms were important and hard to live with, whereas many doctors had said it was just the way I was and I had to just deal with it.

I’d like to thank Mark for making me feel so much better and I would recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone!”

Sally – July 2017

“I have had knots in my shoulders and neck and a pain that has pushed onto the base of my skull for over a year. I had been to sports massage and chiropractor which temporarily relieved some pain, that later returned. I am generally of a cynical nature when it comes to alternative treatments, so when a friend suggested acupuncture I was reluctant to go.

Mark was reassuring and very good at explaining exactly what he was going to do and open about the treatment throughout. He has a very gentle calm and honest approach. He was realistic in what I was to expect. I had expected a slight improvement and dubious about the immediate change being almost my own placebo expectation. However, I would say that the very next day there was a significant noticeable reduction in my pain level. I had three treatments over three weeks and have looked forward to the sessions. My pain level has reduced from an 8 out of 10 to around a 1/10. The pain in the base of my skull has gone completely and the discomfort in my shoulders and neck before I had treatment, has reduced to almost non existence.

I am extremely impressed with the results and my entire experience of acupuncture. I will be returning to Mark for a general maintenance periodically, of my own choosing. I thoroughly recommend anyone considering acupuncture to consult with Mark”

Harmer-Draper – July 2017

“I went to see Mark because of pain in my left foot and right hamstring particularly and various other aches and pains that had been with me over the years. I was reluctant to see my GP as I didn’t want to be seen as a moaning old dear or just told to take pain killers. The pain in my foot was effecting my mobility and the other aches and pains (back and fingers particularly) were something I had gotten used to and was treating with massage and painkillers.

Mark was professional yet friendly and empathic. In analysing and assessing my various ailments he also discovered that my heart misses a beat once in a while and suggested I see my GP about it. (Which I have done).

Over a series of four sessions he relieved me of the pain in my foot completely and greatly relieved the other aches and pains. To me what he did was amazing and it is reassuring to know that if and when anything further arises I have him as a resource to access for my health and wellbeing.

PW, June 2017

(Note, if I detect an irregularity on a client’s pulse, then I recommend the client sees their GP. The GP can then use their expertise to diagnose, decide what if anything is occuring, is it of signance and if so, is any Western Medicine intervention is required. This is all part of Professional Standards as a British Acupuncture Council Member.)

“Having suffered for over 30 years with ‘back problems’ when my back became so bad that I couldn’t stand, sit or lie down comfortably for longer than 10 minutes – I decided to give acupuncture a go!

The clinic is in a beautiful setting and Mark has a very calm and reassuring way about him which immediately settled my nerves around the ‘dreaded needles’. Mark spent a long time discussing my general health, well being and ‘the problem back’ before beginning any treatment.

At all times he took time to explain what was going to happen, what to expect – and then checked I was completely happy before proceeding.

I can honestly say that I found the entire experience relaxing – it was a welcome break from the days’ mania! I never expected to say that about anything involving needles but I didn’t feel them going in at all – or out at the end of the sessions.

The results were almost instantaneous and having completed my sessions I can testify to their long lasting impact. I am pain free 95% of the time and when I do over do things, I find the pressure point on my arm that Mark showed me, press that for a few seconds and the pain goes.

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself. I am a total convert!”

CW, June 2017

“I originally had acupuncture with Mark following a myomectomy operation as I had no feeling around the scar, and my second course of treatment was for fertility prior to an IVF cycle.

Mark was professional and supportive during both courses of acupuncture treatment, I felt I could relax, as sometimes I was tearful and stressed due to the hormone treatment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark, I gained feeling back around the scar and I had a beautiful baby boy!”

Michelle, March 2017

“30 year old back condition. One session, can feel no pain, no ache, no dullness, no restriction in movement.

Painless procedure, lovely consultation. Mark listens in detail and is remarkable. Initially I felt warm stretch/open/elastic and was careful. I have the most movement I have had in years.

Hopeful for improvement in irritated skin. Holistic….yes!”

Sandra Westacott, Fishbourne, February 2017

“I first went to Mark after suffering from sciatica for over 18 months.

I had been feeling quite hopeless, worried that I would never feel myself again. I had tried physiotherapy and osteopathy but nothing had made any difference.

In only 2 sessions I began to see a real improvement. In 6 sessions I felt cured.

I felt like a new person. And I felt confident that if sciatica ever came back I now had a solution.

I felt liberated because I was able to live my life again, pain-free. Moreover, liberated because I know I can always return to Mark for professional, expert, highly effective treatment if I ever need to.”

Joanne, February 2017

“I first visited Mark for a sciatic pain that I had had for over 2 years and that had essentially become chronic.  I had tried various avenues to wellbeing, from physiotherapy, to both alternative and traditional therapies, however nothing had helped.  Although my condition was not debilitating, it was uncomfortable and incredibly tiring having a constant, dull ache and having my freedom of motion impeded.  In the few sessions since visiting Mark, I notice a marked difference; the nature of the pain has changed and been alleviated, in short, the results have been both surprising and gratifying and it is a huge relief not to have the draining constant dull ache that I have endured for the past few years.

It is also worth noting that over the years, I have visited many different therapists in different countries, however Mark’s diligence, professionalism and attention to detail stood out.  I can honestly say that I felt as if my well-being was Mark’s main concern and that every avenue to health and well being was being explored with a precision and attention to detail that not only made me feel reassured and comfortable but enabled me to trust the process implicitly.

I have no doubt in recommending Mark and would have no hesitation in visiting him again should the need arise.”

Niki, January 2017

I initially went to see Mark because I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted after losing my husband and having had to move house twice in two years. I suffer with M.E. /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and felt that I had pushed myself so far I could no longer cope.

Mark has consistently worked to restore and rebalance my energy levels. He is open, polite, kind and gentle, and a master of what he does. Having been chronically ill for much of my life, I have experienced many different kinds of acupuncture treatment. Of all these, Mark’s have overall given me the most benefit.

 In addition to being perceptive and sensitive, Mark supports his acupuncture practice with a scholarly understanding of his subject, fine tuning each personalised treatment to optimise its benefits.

Lindsey Adams, December 2016


“I contacted Mark having suffered for about 4 weeks with a Trapezius in spasm. Despite visits to the Dr and taking lots of painkillers, I still had very limited movement in my neck and was in a lot of pain.

From the first session I felt pain relief…it was amazing after being in pain and discomfort for so long.

I was amazed at how I could feel more movement and less pain during each treatment.

Mark was so friendly and reassuring and the treatments helped me feel better all round. Acupuncture will certainly be at the fore-front of my thinking in the future.”

SK, November 2016


“I initially went to see Mark as one of my feet was swollen and despite my best efforts I couldn’t do anything to reduce the swelling . I was quite despondent when I visited Mark but he was very reassuring and asked a lot of questions so he could decide the best course of treatment .

We decided that we would adopt a holistic approach , Mark explained a little about the theories of Chinese medicine which I was very interested in and the treatment began . Mark is extremely professional , always making sure that you understand what he is doing and patiently answered my never ending torrent of questions , explaining the different types and sizes of needles and the reasonings behind their positioning .

After a few treatments I began to feel better and looked forward to my next visit My whole persona changed and I literally felt as if I was being healed from the inside out.
The swelling on my foot has now gone but I have booked some maintenance sessions as I want to stay feeling as positive as I do now .

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark , his combination of expertise and professionalism is second to none and he also has a genuine interest in making people well again.”

Rosemary, November 2016


“Having suffered repeated miscarriages since the birth of my daughter, I decided to see Mark for fertility issues. Mark came highly recommended.

I was feeling very tired, unwell and generally physically and mentally exhausted. I thought this was purely due to being run down and was looking for someone who could help regain my physical health.

It quickly became apparent that the work he was doing was helping me in ways I wasn’t expecting it to. Through his careful and sensitive approach, I was able to deal with the pent up grief I had never dealt with. After my third and final treatment I felt a huge shift emotionally, I immediately felt stronger than I had done in years. The physical and emotional tiredness has lifted and I have much more energy.

I really believe Mark was able to unblock and shift the negative emotional energy I had been carrying around for several years.

I would definitely see Mark again for future issues and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who like me is thinking about acupuncture for the first time. He has a magic touch.”

Mrs C, Chichester, November 2016


“To Mark Shepherd, I am writing to inform you of the excellent quality of service I received from Mark Shepherd. I have severe lower back problems after undergoing keyhole surgery on one of my discs and had given up hope of fixing the stiffness. I also had an issue with my hand after a nasty collision with a hockey goal post, which after 4 months hadn’t gone away. Then there was my frozen shoulder, which was making carrying my daughter difficult. Finally to top it all off – late nights and high levels of work had made me very stressed and tight shouldered.

After one session everything was fixed. Amazing. I did have to go back again to enhance this treatment and just affirm the good work that had already been done – but what a turn around.

A few months later I was experiencing extreme muscle tightness and spasms in the coccyx area and was struggling to sit down and work. One session with Mark and the muscles ceased to be in spasm and I was able to self medicate through vigorous stretching routines.

It is a very reassuring thing to know that if I get into trouble with my back, if my family or friends are stressed or in pain I know there is someone I can help. Permanently or momentarily. If it is momentary – these moments give people a lot of hope and often they are the first stepping stone to a complete recovery.

Don’t ever hesitate to use Mark’s services. I was very skeptical and have been blown away by the effectiveness of his work. I highly recommend a visit.”

Tom O’Boyle, October 2016

“I had been suffering with cluster headaches for thirty years, since I was 16 years old. Doctors had prescribed every kind of medication for pain possible with no satisfac- tory outcome. Recently, they had become more frequent and were having awful consequences (as a primary school teacher I would find myself teaching with an ice pack held to my forehead – not ideal). The pain was absolutely debilitating.

Feeling desperate, I decided to try an holistic approach. I was open to the idea of acupuncture, but rather sceptical of how successful it would be. However, after several sessions with Mark, it was obvious how the treatment was affecting my general wellbeing – I just felt like I had such a positive energy and an inner power. I have also had no cluster headache episodes (I have had the odd headache for which I took a mild painkiller and it went off). To know that I can work and plan to do nice things with my family without the worry of becoming ill is life-changing. My cluster head- aches disappearing has had such a positive affect on my whole family.

Treatment with Mark is such a relaxing, calm time for yourself. He explains as much or as little as you want explaining as he places the needles. It’s a painless, peaceful and positive treatment which I would recommend to anyone who needs to address wellbeing issues or is unfortunate enough to suffer with cluster headaches.”

Emma Gregory, June 2016

“I first went to see Mark with an issue that I had been having with my neck and back which I had been seeing a chiropractor for about 18 months without any long term solution. After just one session I could feel the difference and have not had any issues with it since. He has also addressed the migraines that I suffered from a periodic basis and I have not had one for about 9 months which is the longest that I have gone for without an attack in the last 10 years.

More recently I managed to fall over and develop housemaids knee which is incredibly painful when you want to kneel. I thought that this would simply mend itself but after much research I discovered that this can be a much more long term condition so I asked Mark if he thought that he would be able to help. Again, after one session I can now kneel down when needed without feeling a sharp eye-watering pain.

I was not a believer in acupuncture before I met Mark but his professionalism and insightful approaches to problems is extremely impressive and puts you at ease.

I cannot thank Mark enough for his help and assistance that he has given me and I would not hesitate to recommend him (and believe me I do) to my friends and family.“

JA May 2016

“I have been suffering from erosive osteoarthritis (with general osteoarthritis thrown in for good measure!) for about 4 years. My feet and hands are particularly affected. Rheumatologist prescribed medication was only partially effective which left me feeling miserable and exhausted. I would watch the clock to see how long till the next dose of painkillers. Seeing Mark made me realise how stress and exhaustion effect pain management – I wasn’t coping. Mark has treated the whole person which has helped enormously. Each visit he asks me how I am and what in particular is bothering me. I very rarely need painkillers now, I’m looking forward instead of at the clock.”

Elaine May 2016

“We first went to Mark around 6 weeks ago, the reason for this was our daughter was having a lot of problems with anxiety, not wanting to go to school, lack of confidence, very argumentative not just with us but the family and friends too, a friend of mine recommended him to us as Mark deals with teenagers and the young alike.

Well the first visit was very calming Mark spoke to Lauren in a very soft and comfort- ing way, to start with Lauren was very reluctant to talk about anything, but after about 20 minutes she started to relax and chat to Mark. Mark suggested to Lauren a form of massage (Tui Na) to help the mind and body cope with the everyday things around us, he explained exactly what he was going to do and was talking to her all the time, as I was sitting there I could see Lauren slowly relaxing through the massage.

Afterwards Lauren said she felt a lot calmer and would be able to cope with school on the following Monday. We have had several visits back to Mark, each one helping to gain her confidence, attitude towards people, generally coping with everyday problems that pop up especially at school.

Lauren’s experience with Mark has made a huge difference to her, say’s she feels back to her old self again. Lauren still goes to see Mark on a regular basis, enjoys the massage, she finds it clears her mind and releases all the anger and frustration that tends to build up over a matter of time, Teenage!! but if this helps with that too we are all for it.

We have found this very beneficial to us all, as before Mark we were pulling our hair out, but something so simple and natural has made a big difference to us all. Overall experience, Amazing! Mark is incredible we would recommend to all no matter how big or small your worries or problems are.”

Kind Regards Jackie Ian Lauren April 2016

“I met Mark though his joining of the Chichester Festival BNI Chapter at the end of last year. At this time my wife was expecting and heavily pregnant with our first, she was also starting to experience considerable discomfort through the condition known as SPD. At either the first or second time of meeting Mark, during conversation, he mentioned treating another expectant Mum recently and how successful he had been.

I mentioned this to my wife who consequently went to see Mark, whom I must say not only impresses me with his knowledge and his professionalism but who’s caring, personal style is so appropriate to what he does and how he does it.

My wife walked in to his surgery in pain and literally walked out pain free.
I cannot thank you enough for the relief you provided my wife and for the support you provided to both of us during this time.

We had 6 sessions with Mark that took us up until the week before birth, including a brief training session on acupresure for me, so I could help ease pain during labour. Mark is extremely professional and sensitive, especially to those with a fear of needles like my wife!

I have no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to anyone I know, including my wife, when we have our next!”

MS April 2016

“We came to Mark to assist in my wife’s pregnancy’s. No the pluralisation is not a mistake as we visited Mark on both occasions when my son, now 3 years old and my daughter now 3 weeks old decided they did not want to come out on time and the outside world was not for them.

The current culture of if overdue, induce and prepare c section was scary and not something I would want my wife to go through, so we visited Mark. His friendly, professional approach put my wife at total ease and allowed him to work his magic. And work it did!

On both occasions within 12 hours of leaving Mark, my wife went into labour and with no need for drugs or hospital intervention. Mark has therefore assisted in bringing both my children into the world and I cannot express how much this means to me. His attention to detail, care, and all round knowledge is awe inspiring and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Graeme & Laura King (plus 2 very healthy happy children) October 2015

“I first visited Mark in October 2014 because I hoped acupuncture might help with my very painful right knee and associated swollen ankle. I had damaged the knee several years earlier and it had been giving me problems from
time to time since then. I could not walk far without it causing me pain

and it was weak and could not fully support my weight safely.
I felt very diminished and restricted and felt it was curtailing my choices where activity and exercise were concerned.

I had 4 sessions of acupuncture from Mark. I remember as the first treatment started and the needles were inserted I could see the swelling visibly reducing ! The pain was also reduced and during the 3 sessions eradicated completely. I could bend the knee increasingly, straighten it fully and bear weight on it.

I remember we also talked about some very difficult things I was experiencing in my family life at the time ( the serious illness of one of my granddaughters earlier in the year) and Mark gave me some acupuncture treatments which helped me feel calmer, more in control of my emotions and sleep a lot better. I felt so much more “like me ” after this, more whole and complete and more serene and able to cope with everything.

Since then, my knee has strengthened and not caused any more trouble or pain. Because of this I am more active and able to do all my usual activities including golf, which is fantastic.

More recently ( in September 2015) I have received treatment for a very
painful and movement restricted shoulder joint. I went to Mark feeling very desperate – I had been suffering this for 7 weeks but was away from home so could not get any help.

I was not sleeping, was in constant pain and taking many painkillers which I dislike. I could hardly move my right arm and was even unable to fasten my bra because I couldn’t put my arm behind my back!

From the first treatment, I was in much reduced pain, had more movement and freedom and could reduce the meds. I also began to sleep better and more importantly no longer felt desperate and trapped in this awful cycle of pain and reduced movement. Mark gave me an exercise to do and this helped too. After 3 treatments I have an almost fully functional shoulder joint again. I should say the medical diagnosis was a damaged rotator cuff and the beginnings of a frozen shoulder because I could not move it much. Acupuncture helped this so much, as well as a touch of sciatica and a sore left knee as well!

My overall experience of acupuncture treatment from Mark is overwhelmingly positive. It is a very good experience as I feel the whole person is treated and cared for very sensitively and yet professionally. I feel the utmost confidence in Marks ability to treat whatever is wrong and bring about pain relief, balance and restored well being. His treatment room is a relaxing, safe, calm and supportive place, and Mark is a very skilled practitioner.”

Sue, September 2015

“I went to see Mark because I had a persistent headache that would come on with- out warning and last for weeks or even months. Not bad, but always there, and I was getting quite depressed about it. I went to see Mark and felt quite a lot better after the first acupuncture session. By the second session the headache had gone and has not returned since. I have been headache free for over two years now, which I attribute entirely to Mark’s treatment.”

Robert A, September 2015

“I was beginning to rattle with the number of pills I was taking for my frequent migraines, so decided that trying an alternative therapy was a must. Mark explained everything to me clearly – I felt extremely relaxed and in safe hands. The benefits have been noticeable and the treatment causes little in the way of discomfort. I feel like I am finally taking control of my situation, with Mark’s guidance, and that benefit has been immeasurable.”

Mel, August 2015

“Several months ago and found myself at crossroads of self care and health, and I knew I wanted to take it to the next level. Having used acupuncture and holistic approach before before I felt this was a good route to go down again, but I wanted something a bit different. I then found Mark. Over the last few months through Mark expertise and knowledge I feel better than I have in years, more centered, my body responding to stress situations better, better sleep and over -well-being. I have also found Mark to be kind, gentle, intuitive and very professional in his manner. I have even just started taking my daughter at 14 , ( like any mother would understand finding the right person for their much loved children and at such a vulnerable age is very important), she trusted Mark straight away (not something my daughter usually does). I cant praise or recommend Mark enough and have been recommending him to many and all of my friends.”

Virginia H. – West Sussex, July 2015

“My life had been reduced to managing the pain and a severely restricted social life, and was unable to sleep for more than 2 hours due to the pain. Quality of life was a distant dream.

After a few treatments with Mark I noticed the pain reducing and was sleeping better. Mark introduced me to some self help strategies, and several months later, while far from cured, and weekly visits to Mark, my quality of life has improved dramatically, and I am able to live a fuller life and do so much more.

The treatment is painless and very relaxing, and I have reduced my medication, which has its own benefit. I am a sceptical person, not given to accepting that alternative therapies work. I can tell you that acupuncture has worked wonders for me and I would like thank to Mark for giving me my life back. “

Mark H

“The treatment I have received over the last few months has made a significant difference to my health and well being. Mark has the skill to target the cause of pain holistically and during my initial course of treatments helped relieve not just the physical pain but also the emotional blocks that I have no doubt aggravated the pain I experienced in my back. I now maintain progress through a monthly treat- ment that keeps me on track both physically and mentally. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.”

“Mark gives thorough overall treatment. He establishes a patient profile which gives him an overview of each person’s particular problems. His medical knowledge helps him recognise if a patient shows symptoms other than those for which they are being treated by him. He may recommend steps a patient could take. His acupuncture is professionally given with great precision and in my case success.”

“Testimonials – why do you need one? I like the calm non-hurried atmosphere and whatever has been done, I feel better all over.”

“Mark listens to my problems and is therefore able to give me the right treatments in that session.”

“When something goes wrong, either physically or you have a “wobble-in-your-head” from stress overload or whatever, the greatest luxury/safety net is to know there is someone who has the ability to help and make you feel better. A truly gifted practitioner, who provides a variety of complimentary treatments, Mark has treated me for a raft of ailments over the years, and his intuitive and practical approach has meant that I have always left the oasis of peace and calm, which he has created, feeling better than when I arrived.”

“In search of further help I visited Mark. After just one session of about 1.5 hours and a few further treatments I was able to play piano and do DIY again.”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me – I never imagined that I’d be so pain free for so long! “

“I originally went to Mark for cosmetic acupuncture but probably more importantly and very unexpectedly for me, was the discovery that acupuncture could help me deal with a period of extreme stress.”

“Even after the first treatment my symptoms improved enormously with disappear- ance of my pain and discomfort.”

“After battling through 3 long months of countless drugs and creams my son (12 years old), he had three sessions with Mark. Remarkable! Thank you.”

“I had suffered with a recurring back problem from the age of fourteen and had tried most other treatments without success, after two sessions with Mark, the problem has not recurred for the past two years.”