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Testimonial Statement

These testimonials are not to be taken as a body of research. They are instead the kindly shared experiences of some of the many clients Mark has seen. For links to research on the efficacy or application of Acupuncture, please go to our page Known issues. Thank you.

” By the time I found Mark I felt I really needed to improve my situation.

I have recovered the old me. I feel calm, balanced, physically relaxed, clear headed and in charge again.I am so pleased I chose Mark. He is a true holistic practitioner, and can provide remote sessions too,with advice on acupressure points. After every session I feel better and better.

Mark provides an exceptional service. He has a wonderfully calm, soothing manner, is discreet and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He is also very easy to talk to. He is very client – centred, from the temperature of his rooms to the ambient music and small touches that show real care for the welfare of his clients. He has also been exemplary in his considerations and practice during this current Covid situation.”

Thank you again.


“Mark is a highly professional practitioner. He has a calm and caring manner with a good sense of humour, all of which helps to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

He listens to what you say to suit your individual needs. Mark makes your visit an enjoyable experience.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mark. Mark offers a free half an hour consultation so why not pay him a visit. You’ll be glad you did.”

Mike W.

“In such a calm and relaxing environment- Mark instantly puts you at ease – like meeting an old friend! He gives a real tailored experience with genuine care and concern in assisting your needs.”


“Can not recommend Mark as much as he deserves. Thank you so much.”


“I Highly recommended Mark Shepherd, having been to Mark for different things over the years. He is an above and beyond practitioner, and with abilities beyond what you may see or think. The wizard of acupuncture & well-being. Fantastic and best I have seen in my 25yrs of loving this type of service!

Well worth a visit – trust me!” 😊


“I tried acupuncture really as a “last resort “,and was more than a little sceptical.

The results have been amazing! I don’t know how,or why it works…..but work it truly does!

Thank you, Mark.”


“At the initial assessment Mark was very thorough and he listened. At each appointment he’s attentive and very reassuring, explaining everything he is about to do and makes sure you’re happy before he leaves you to ‘cook’. I look forward to my appointments with Mark. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience and I’m glad I gave it a go! I can’t recommend Mark enough.”


“Thank you Mark. It’s been a very pleasant experience, a cozy welcoming environment with professionalism and great knowledge, someone whom is passionate about what they do – assisting others. I will be continuing in my Acupuncture journey.

Samantha Lewington 

“The benefits I derive from my weekly session with Mark are shared by my family too.

The realisation that I work very hard both for my employer and my family and therefore deserve an hour a week of “me time” means I am ready to fully relax and get the best from the acupuncture.

I very much look forward to my appointment. I deserve the best from Mark and my family deserve the best from me.

Brendon Hogan

“My overall experience is trust and kindness and understanding. I always feel a different person after.”

“Mark was recommended to me by a friend and I did not know what to expect.

I would highly recommend Mark as I have found him to be extremely understanding, sympathetic and sets you at ease and has made a huge difference to me.”


“The sessions I received from Mark has had a huge impact of the quality of my day to day life. Brilliant!”

“High level of listening skills facilitated clear understanding of specific issues/needs. Very precise, targeted action to address the pain I was experiencing.”

“As on previous occasions, overwhelmingly positive. Mark is so intuitive, kind, sensitive and reassuring, listening so carefully and attentively.

The consulting rooms are safe and relaxing spaces. Mark is gentle and respectful, and has great skills in making one feel valued and able to relax.”


“Mark was professional and gave me peace of mind all along. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.”


“I was recommended by a family member to see Mark.

After my first session I went from feeling initially cautious to completely relaxed, I nearly fell asleep when I was left to ‘cook’.

Mark made me feel relaxed and listened to, I always looked forward to my acupuncture.

I’d like to thank Mark for making me feel so much better and I would recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone!”


“I am generally of a cynical nature when it comes to alternative treatments, so when a friend suggested acupuncture I was reluctant to go.

Mark was reassuring and very good at explaining exactly what he was going to do and open throughout. He has a very gentle calm and honest approach. He was realistic in what I was to expect.

I am extremely impressed with the results and my entire experience of acupuncture. I will be returning to Mark for a general maintenance periodically, of my own choosing. I thoroughly recommend anyone considering acupuncture to consult with Mark”


“Mark was professional yet friendly and empathic. In analysing and assessing my various ailments he also discovered that my heart misses a beat once in a while and suggested I see my GP about it. (Which I have done).

To me what he did was amazing and it is reassuring to know that if and when anything further arises I have him as a resource to access.


(Note, if I detect an irregularity on a client’s pulse, then I recommend the client sees their GP. The GP can then use their expertise to diagnose, decide what if anything is occuring, is it of signance and if so, is any Western Medicine intervention is required. This is all part of Professional Standards as a British Acupuncture Council Member.)

“The clinic is in a beautiful setting and Mark has a very calm and reassuring way about him which immediately settled my nerves around the ‘dreaded needles’. Mark spent a long time discussing my general health, well being and ‘the problem back’ before beginning any treatment.

At all times he took time to explain what was going to happen, what to expect – and then checked I was completely happy before proceeding.

I can honestly say that I found the entire experience relaxing – it was a welcome break from the days’ mania! I never expected to say that about anything involving needles but I didn’t feel them going in at all – or out at the end of the sessions.

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself. I am a total convert!”


“Mark was professional and supportive during both courses of acupuncture treatment, I felt I could relax, as sometimes I was tearful and stressed due to the hormone treatment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark.”


“Painless procedure, lovely consultation. Mark listens in detail and is remarkable. Initially I felt warm stretch/open/elastic and was careful. I have the most movement I have had in years.


Sandra Westacott

“I felt like a new person.

I felt liberated because I was able to live my life again. Moreover, liberated because I know I can always return to Mark for professional, expert treatment if I ever need to.”


“It is also worth noting that over the years, I have visited many different therapists in different countries, however Mark’s diligence, professionalism and attention to detail stood out.  I can honestly say that I felt as if my well-being was Mark’s main concern and that every avenue to health and well being was being explored with a precision and attention to detail that not only made me feel reassured and comfortable but enabled me to trust the process implicitly.

I have no doubt in recommending Mark and would have no hesitation in visiting him again should the need arise.”


He is open, polite, kind and gentle, and a master of what he does. Having been chronically ill for much of my life, I have experienced many different kinds of acupuncture treatment. Of all these, Mark’s have overall given me the most benefit.

 In addition to being perceptive and sensitive, Mark supports his acupuncture practice with a scholarly understanding of his subject, fine tuning each personalised treatment to optimise its benefits.

Lindsey Adams


“Mark was so friendly and reassuring and the treatments helped me feel better all round. Acupuncture will certainly be at the fore-front of my thinking in the future.”



“I was quite despondent when I visited Mark but he was very reassuring and asked a lot of questions so he could decide the best course.

We decided that we would adopt a holistic approach , Mark explained a little about the theories of Chinese medicine which I was very interested in and the treatment began . Mark is extremely professional , always making sure that you understand what he is doing and patiently answered my never ending torrent of questions , explaining the different types and sizes of needles and the reasonings behind their positioning.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark , his combination of expertise and professionalism is second to none and he also has a genuine interest in making people well again.”



“Mark came highly recommended.

I would definitely see Mark again for future issues and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who like me is thinking about acupuncture for the first time. He has a magic touch.”

Mrs C


“Acupuncture with Mark is such a relaxing, calm time for yourself. He explains as much or as little as you want explaining as he places the needles.”

Emma Gregory

“I was not a believer in acupuncture before I met Mark but his professionalism and insightful approaches to problems is extremely impressive and puts you at ease.

I cannot thank Mark enough for his help and assistance that he has given me and I would not hesitate to recommend him (and believe me I do) to my friends and family.“


“Mark has treated the whole person which has helped enormously. Each visit he asks me how I am and what in particular is bothering me.”


“Well the first visit was very calming Mark spoke to Lauren in a very soft and comfort- ing way, to start with Lauren was very reluctant to talk about anything, but after about 20 minutes she started to relax and chat to Mark. Mark suggested to Lauren a form of massage (Tui Na), he explained exactly what he was going to do and was talking to her all the time, as I was sitting there I could see Lauren slowly relaxing through the massage.

Overall experience, Amazing! Mark is incredible we would recommend to all no matter how big or small your worries or problems are.”

Kind Regards Jackie Ian Lauren

“Mark, whom I must say not only impresses me with his knowledge and his professionalism but who’s caring, personal style is so appropriate to what he does and how he does it.

I cannot thank you enough for the relief you provided my wife and for the support you provided to both of us during this time.

Mark is extremely professional and sensitive, especially to those with a fear of needles like my wife!

I have no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to anyone I know, including my wife, when we have our next!”


“His friendly, professional approach put my wife at total ease and allowed him to work his magic. And work it did!

His attention to detail, care, and all round knowledge is awe inspiring and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Graeme & Laura King (plus 2 very healthy happy children)

“My overall experience of acupuncture treatment from Mark is overwhelmingly positive. His treatment room is a relaxing, safe, calm and supportive place, and Mark is a very skilled practitioner.”


“I feel like I am finally taking control of my situation, with Mark’s guidance, and that benefit has been immeasurable.”


“Several months ago and found myself at crossroads. I then found Mark. I havef ound Mark to be kind, gentle, intuitive and very professional in his manner. I have even just started taking my daughter at 14 , ( like any mother would understand finding the right person for their much loved children and at such a vulnerable age is very important), she trusted Mark straight away (not something my daughter usually does). I cant praise or recommend Mark enough and have been recommending him to many and all of my friends.”

Virginia H. 

“Mark introduced me to some self help strategies, and several months later, while far from cured, and weekly visits to Mark, my quality of life has improved dramatically, and I am able to live a fuller life and do so much more.

The treatment is painless and very relaxing. I am a sceptical person, not given to accepting that alternative therapies work. I can tell you that acupuncture has worked wonders for me and I would like thank to Mark for giving me my life back. “

Mark H

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.”

“Mark establishes a patient profile which gives him an overview of each person’s particular problems. His medical knowledge helps him recognise if a patient shows symptoms other than those for which they are being treated by him. He may recommend steps a patient could take. His acupuncture is professionally given with great precision and in my case success.”

“Testimonials – why do you need one? I like the calm non-hurried atmosphere and whatever has been done, I feel better all over.”

“Mark listens to my problems and is therefore able to give me the right thing in that session.”

“When something goes wrong, either physically or you have a “wobble-in-your-head” from stress overload or whatever, the greatest luxury/safety net is to know there is someone who has the ability to help and make you feel better. A truly gifted practitioner, who provides a variety of complimentary treatments, Mark has treated me for a raft of ailments over the years, and his intuitive and practical approach has meant that I have always left the oasis of peace and calm, which he has created, feeling better than when I arrived.”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me – I never imagined that I’d be so pain free for so long! “

“I originally went to Mark for cosmetic acupuncture but probably more importantly and very unexpectedly for me, was the discovery that acupuncture could help me deal with a period of extreme stress.”

“Even after the first treatment my symptoms improved enormously.”

“After battling through 3 long months of countless drugs and creams my son (12 years old), he had three sessions with Mark. Remarkable! Thank you.”