Acupuncture and Children

Q. I am a regular user of acupuncture but wondered if it is also good for children? A. Traditional Acupuncture is a great option for children and believe it or not they … Read more

Treatment advice

Q. Do you give clients advice when they come to see you or do you simply do the treatment? Is there anything you can pass on now? A. I like the idea … Read more

Deciding what is wrong

Q. How does a Traditional Acupuncturist decide what is wrong with a patient? When I went for acupuncture, the questions were very thorough. A. Dear Simon, Many thanks for your question. The … Read more


Q. I hear things are going to get quite hairy in November. What’s going on? A. You are quite correct with your hairy prediction because it is Movember once more. Movember is … Read more

Helping Arthritis

Q. I have been diagnosed with Arthritis. Do you know of any routes for help? A. Many thanks for your question. A route for help is the Arthritic Association ( of … Read more