Getting more balanced with Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture can be great for stress!

It is easy to see that intense and/or prolonged emotional experiences could adversely affect our health so, how would life feel with an added sense of calm, peacefulness and focus? … Read more

Ear Ear!

Q. What do you call an acupuncturist sitting in a room, with 18 other practitioners, with  acupuncture needles in his ear? A.  Very relaxed, and I do mean very relaxed. … Read more

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Q. As a treat for myself, I would like to do something to help look a bit younger. I do not think I fancy botox or surgery. What can you suggest? … Read more

Tui Na Massage

Q. I have heard of a treatment called Tui na but what is it please? A. Tui na is actually Chinese Therapeutic Massage. It is named after two of its techniques, Tui … Read more

Menstrual Pain

Q. I experience dreadful period pain. Sometimes I have to take a day off work but mostly I just try taking pain killers and getting on with it. I would rather … Read more

Is it holistic?

Q. Why do you describe Acupuncture as being an holistic treatment please? A. In Traditional Acupuncture or Tui Na theory, at what level the client is troubled, is an important one i.e. … Read more


Q. I get overly sweaty. It can be uncomfortable and it can be embarrassing. I have had it a long time. It only happens on parts, not all of my body. … Read more

I’m fine now – should I continue treatments?

Q. I have just completed a course of acupuncture which has had the required outcome. Do you think there is any benefit to continuing treatments? A. Many clients choose to have treatment … Read more

Get BACK to health

Back pain? Get Back to Health with Acupuncture  A new study shows we are risking a back pain epidemic caused by unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyles. The findings from a … Read more

Feeling the cold?

Q. I feel chilly at the best of times but now the weather is turning I am feeling it more and the weather is only going to get worse. Any ideas … Read more